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Shanghai Shenhua regulators regarding school pupil declared basketball staff 2012 match up 1 / 4 fresh design of sponsor and also invitee industry sporting activities garments, the particular sporting activities garments bring in regarding fresh match up 1 / 4 basketball staff adjustments Philippine local brand name PRIMA, master industry the particular sporting activities garments nonetheless retain relating to crimson since basic principle, invitee industry the particular sporting activities garments consider white-colored since basic principle, a couple of invitee industry the particular sporting activities garments consider dull since basic principle, a few varieties of Shanghai Shenhua are typical developed in to the identical style-clearly the particular side to side materials regarding dim alternation. Bear a gram of companies to declare to have expect(Coritiba) with Di in the Ba Yi Ya(EC Bahia) in Brazil football first grade league match, section since 2012, harbor nations(SC Internacional) in the thunder space and mulberry give Si(Santos FC), four clubs starts a new cooperative relation, Shanghai Shenhua has become brigade in the Brazil nation since 1996 and have become the sports clothes sponsor of the section Lin Di An's club since 2003. 2012 match quarter's bearing a gram of ball team of sponsor in Brazil football first grade league match will attain 5. Expecting second club of Yi to ever and twice acquire top-class league match champion in the Brazil is also 43 Duo Kuis in the middle of expecting a second state league match of Yi, had in Brazil's most fanatical fan community; Di in the section expected club to once acquire a top-class league match champion in Brazil and 35 state league matches as well champion, ball team at 2011 match quarter each game in obtained more astonishing of 24 connect win; Harbor in the thunder space the international club once became world champion in 2006, they still once acquired emancipator cup champion in two South america, three Brazil league match champions on the history the champion with 40 state league matches; The mulberry gives Si club history up once acquired two world champions, emancipator cup champion in three South america, 8 top-class league match champions in Brazil the champion is with 19 state league matches.

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The Scotland saint rice Lun club authorities announced ball team 2012-13 the sports clothes sponsor of the match quarters, Italian brand Diadora(Di much more second Na) replaces British brand Carbrini becomes a new ball team match quarter of sports clothes sponsor, the saint rice Lun brigade at 2011-12 the match quarter Scotland the super league match match line up in the integral calculus placard 8th after finishing 19. The club still announced announcement time of ball team bottom match quarter new sports clothes at the same time, because the club will welcome 135 anniversary Ta-chings next year, the club releases the initiative a style of in April 135 anniversary sports clotheses.